How to increase your sales and reservations by a third in just a year


ARTIEM is the first hotel chain in Europe to obtain the B Corp certification, which promotes a new business model based on a more equitable, inclusive and regenerative economy. This recognition reinforces its desire to be the best hotels for the world and is in line with its mission to inspire people to be happy.

Since it was founded in Menorca in 1974, the promotion of the local economy and culture has made ARTIEM an active agent in the island's ecosystem, a commitment that extends beyond Menorca to Madrid and Asturias, with a total of 5 hotels.

Among other awards, ARTIEM is among the 50 best companies to work for in Spain and has high customer satisfaction rates that are the result of a strong commitment to people and the good management of Freshpeople as a generator of positive force.

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Impact online business.
Reinforce online communications.


Impact online business.
Reinforce online communications.


A much more efficient and profitable platform in only one year

ARTIEM Hotels achieved a 39% increase in their online billings and a 31% increase in online bookings in one year. Besides, they saw a six percent improvement in their Return on Investment (ROI).


Increase online sales, reposition the brand, and improve the user experience

ARTIEM needed to give a push to its online communication and to let it be known just the way it is. It also needed to convey an image that corresponded to its renewed values in its Brand Platform. It also needed to get this done to increase its direct online reservations and the revenue coming from this channel.


A complete Inbound Marketing project that drives the brand and its results

Thanks to WAM’s extensive experience in the tourism industry and in hotels, we carried out an Inbound Marketing and Web Development plan with a particular emphasis on creating campaigns that helped boost direct sales on the ARTIEM website. As a result of our efforts, we earned more online revenue and gained greater brand recognition.