How to double sales and reservations in just a year

Marjal Resorts

Marjal is a chain of resorts in the southern part of the Alicante region with its eyes on growing around Spain. Its lodging stands out for always having “leisure” present.

Marjal Resorts
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Content Marketing. Search (SEO)


Content Marketing. Search (SEO)


Its primary business metrics more than doubled, and there was an improvement in ROI

In one year, Marjal Resorts was able to increase the number of reservations by more than double the previous year’s figure, doubling its earnings. Marjal also produced a 6% increase in its Return on Investment (ROI). 


Increase direct web earnings

Marjal needed a website with a more attractive design and increase both the online earnings generated and the reservations made on this channel. The goal was to increase the traffic, as well as the quality of that traffic, also to increase the number of reservations and boost the billing volume by getting the most out of its digital channel, which up until that point, the client had not entirely taken advantage of its potential.


An Inbound Marketing and Paid Media plan, all with the efficacy of Marketing Automation

WAM proposed creating a complete Inbound Marketing plan along with digital marketing campaigns (focused explicitly on seasonality and long-term stay offers) and Paid Media. We also implemented a Marketing Automation tool, thanks to our HubSpot partnership to achieve process efficiency while delivering the most optimized performance possible.