International expansion in the US, Italy, and Spain, and creating a brand that’s closer to the consumer


Miniland Group is a Spanish firm specializing in educational toys for all stages of childhood development. Miniland Group produces baby care and education toys under the Miniland brand and educational toys under the Miniland Educational brand. The firm is globally-renowned in countries like the United States, Canada, Hong Kong, and other parts of the Americas and Asia. 

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Brand positioning. Rebranding. E-Commerce implementation


Brand positioning. Rebranding. E-Commerce implementation


International business expansion and capturing new leads

Miniland successfully increased its web traffic by more than 40% both on its website and blogs. It also increased its activity on social by over 40% thanks to the drive for brand awareness. Not only that, Miniland increased its database of prospects by 60%. 


Increase in brand awareness and sales

Miniland needed to boost its brand awareness. A leader in the educational toy market, it still required brand recognition from the public. It also wanted to increase sales in its Baby and Educational Family lines. It needed a rebranding from its current brand to achieve these objectives. The projects focused on three countries: Spain, Italy, and the United States with the goal of capturing the interest of new leads in these markets and convert them into customers.


An Inbound Marketing plan, rebranding, and a brand-new e-commerce platform

Thanks to WAM’s experience in international markets, we offered Miniland a complete Inbound Marketing with digital marketing (with influencers and other special tactics) and Paid Media campaigns. This project included developing a new B2C e-commerce platform (for direct sales from Miniland to the consumer), Marketing Automation (thanks to our partnership with HubSpot), and creating blogs in different languages. Miniland, after being satisfied with the project’s progression, Miniland decided to work with WAM to create a new website and carry out a rebranding effort. The new e-commerce platform will stock all Miniland Group products, from the Miniland Family line, including Baby care, educational toys for children and infants up to eight years old, and the Miniland Educational line for educators. It will also include a “PlayMiniland” portal where they will share educational resources and games for parents and teachers.