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Jun 24, 2020
Natasha Gingles
International Project Director
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Europe Emirates Group: A 360° Marketing Success Story

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Europe Emirates Group challenged us to increase its ability to generate qualified leads to boost its direct sales coming from their website. Thanks to a 360° Marketing strategy, we managed to achieve our goal in six months with 1,700 leads that were ready to move onto the Sales team.

Europe Emirates Group We Are Marketing case study

We’ve become increasingly convinced of the importance of creating 360° Marketing strategies that we conceive of as a whole with set goals that align with an organization’s interests. Europe Emirates Group’s success story proves that through gradually adding layers and putting pieces, we can achieve our desired goals quickly.

Here’s how we achieved 1,700 qualified leads and a 50% increase in organic sessions on the website compared to the prior period in just six months.  


Europe Emirates Group: An international marketing strategy 

Europe Emirates Group offers company formation and advisory services for those looking to expand in or outside the United Arab Emirates.

With primary headquarters in Dubai and associated offices in major cities around the world, it offers professional corporate services in more than 60 jurisdictions, including the United Arab Emirates, Hong Kong, Turkey, Gibraltar, Belize, the British Virgin Islands, and Seychelles.  

Europe Emirates Group Dubai success story

What was our challenge?

When we started to work with Europe Emirates Group, a large number of low-quality prospects that didn’t turn into sales opportunities were coming in. Our main challenge was to increase their direct web earnings through acquiring qualified leads. 

To get there, we needed to create a 360° marketing strategy to make more leads come in through various channels. Other keys included highly-compelling content that provided value to the target audience, along with creating a completely satisfying customer experience. 

We also needed to perfectly define their Buyer Personas, attract interested traffic to the website, and establish a lead nurturing and scoring system that adapted to Europe Emirates Group’s needs. 

By bringing together the pieces from 360° Marketing and technology, we would manage to increase their earnings from the website. 


How did we do it?

Europe Emirates Group’s success story gradually came together thanks to the involvement of different Marketing departments. We started with a content strategy with a critical SEO foundation to attract our target audience while amplifying it on social media. We also deployed Paid Media and began to send out a newsletter once a week. 

Europe Emirates Group - Digital marketing case studies

We were garnering excellent results, but what if we could optimize their website for even better performance? Our Web Development team got to work to create a personalized website on our own CMS. 

On the other hand, implementing a CRM let us improve the flow of communication with prospects, increasing and improving sales opportunities. Along with this, we performed a critical task of aligning the Sales and Marketing department functions (Smarketing) by developing a playbook and carrying out training. This step was crucial for correctly understanding the sales process and the department on the client-side in charge of carrying it out, allowing us to adapt it to their specific needs. 

We started using Salesforce as their CRM and Marketing Automation tools, along with implementing our custom CMS to manage their website and content. It was undoubtedly the final push they needed to activate a 360° marketing strategy that would let us land our desired goals. 


The results turn it into a successful digital marketing case study

In the first six months of the project, we achieved a 50% increase in organic sessions on the website compared to the prior period, a 335% increase from the previous year. We also managed to acquire more than 1,700 qualified leads that went to represent just one percent of the total to 40%.  

Plus, social media served as a critical channel to achieve these results, gaining more than 5,000 organic followers in just three months with a 36% increase in impressions on LinkedIn. 

We saw up to six We Are Marketing departments contribute to making this happen:

  • Inbound Marketing

  • Paid Media

  • Search SEO

  • Content Marketing

  • Web Development

  • CRM

  • Sales Enablement

Another great success for us is the client’s satisfaction. As Europe Emirates Group Dubai CEO Adrian Oton said: “I can very comfortably say that although they are an outsourced service, they form an integral part of Europe Emirates Group, and they are our in-house marketing department.” 

Europe Emirates Group’s success story proves the power in a well-developed 360° marketing strategy. Making use of all the available levers in the right amount, all while supporting each area, lets you achieve the results you want in little time. 


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