Aug 24, 2017
Carla Richart
Digital Marketing Contributor
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3 Ways for CEOs to Implement Technology and Innovation to Drive Business Growth

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Technology and innovation are no longer simply required for streamlining business processes and reducing operational costs. They are now an imperative aspect of driving growth in global businesses, and CEOs should know how to tap into this ever-evolving resource.

New business technologies have prompted companies all over the globe to recognise that they are no longer simply for streaming business processes, reducing operational costs, and increasing sales. These latest innovations are pushing the boundaries and have become an imperative aspect of driving business growth.

It’s no longer about what your company can make possible with new technologies and innovations; but rather how you can use these technologies to drive the profitability of your business.

The astounding density of technology in today’s world; from smartphones and social media to big data and predictive analytics, means that companies have more personal touch points with their target markets than ever before. Increasing digital interactions with consumers has transformed the opportunities for businesses to turn them into a relationship that drives value and profit.

The discrepancy that comes into the way that companies are using these new technologies and innovations is their failure to capitalise on closing the gap between the physical and digital resources.

For your company to utilise technology to drive business growth, you have to learn how to combine the digital and physical resources into an innovative process that is much more than a mere automation process.

Although your processes should be digitally-driven, they must create a holistic experience between people, places, systems and things, in order to successfully drive business growth.

So how can you, as a CEO, implement technology and innovation in your company?

Hire a CTO

CTOs (Chief Technology Officers) are highly qualified tech professionals that are found at a management level. They are forward-thinking, innovative and driven professionals that can implement technology systems in your company that will take your growth to the next level.

However, they are incredibly in demand and it can be difficult to find the right person. You need to find a CTO who is not just tech and systems-oriented, but who also understands your business goals. For example, they may know how to implement a martech solution but might not properly understand its use for marketing and sales, and therefore, how it drives business.


Hire a Consultant

Hiring a consultant is a great option because they bring in a huge bank of knowledge and expertise that will drive business growth. However, seeing as it’s more of a freelance position, they are going to leave the company at the end of the day. Therefore, your support can be limited.


Hire a Partner Agency

Hiring a partner agency is an excellent way to implement the tech and innovation that is going to drive your company’s growth. With partner agencies like WAM, you get the tech experience and knowledge, as well as professional expertise of a broad range of staff. They also understand your challenges and business goals. You will have unlimited support as the agency works alongside you; they don’t only implement the tech solution, but go with you through the process, ensuring that it works at optimum levels.

As CEO, you are in charge of ensuring that your company keeps up with the technological revolution that is changing the way companies do business. Contact us to see how we can implement tech systems and innovative solutions to grow your company today.


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