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May 28, 2015
Giorgio Ascolese
CEO of We Are Marketing
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Aaron Keilhau: The Heart Behind "Pay With a Tweet"

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Aaron Kelihau’s venture, Pay With A Tweet (now Firal), has proven to be an example of how the simplest ideas are also the coolest. We sat down with Keilhau, now the Partner & CMO / Head of Marketing and Sales at anythingabout GmbH to find out how he took it to the top and keeps thinking on how to improve every single day.

1. Portrait 

Aaron Keilhau- CEO of Pay with a Tweet.

Marketing Management Trainee and then Brand Manager for an international FMCG-company from 2010- 2014. Started Pay With A Tweet as the CEO end of 2014. 

Since the time of our interview with Keilhau, Pay With A Tweet became, and today, the company has since become part of the Aklamio family of referral marketing products. In December 2017, Keilhau moved on to become the Partner & CMO/Head of Marketing and Sales at anythingabout GmbH, a SaaS service offering products that help companies manage their social media publishing and user-generated content.



2. The phrase that best describes you 

“I am a heart's guy and I am running on passion, creativity and hard work.” 


3. Your greatest success story 

My first startup was a Groupon- like thing for the University of Hamburg, called CampusCard. We literally had no money, so we masterminded all kinds of creative mastermind Marketing activities. It was just hands-on. For example: we were supporting an environmental NGO with a portion of our revenue. And we decided to buy ice bear costumes and run around campus in them giving out flyers (This was in July when it was 30°C out) and documented all this on Youtube where we had our own channel...

4. Who do you admire and why?

Michael Jordan when it comes down to ambition! Keith Haring when it comes down to creativity. Nelson Mandela when it comes down to humanity and warm-heartedness. 


5. If you could, what would you change in your professional environment? 

More passion, less fear!


6. What tools and/or techniques would you recommend?

It’s all about working efficiently! Build your daily routines. Trigger your brain with different impulses depending of what you are doing - different music, environment, colleagues for different kind[s] of work: creative, analytical, team- building for instance...


7. An advice for tomorrow?

All for the team. Spend more time on choosing the right team and invest in them more. One person can never change anything by himself. 


And here'ss the third degree of Aaron! If you're left wanting more, check out his LinkedIn profile and anythingabout (note that this page is entirely in German)!


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