Apr 11, 2019
Natalia Bergareche
Head of Corporate Marketing
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WAM Joins Forces With LeadClic, a Business Synergy That Will Lead Salesforce Digital Transformation Projects in Spain

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Madrid, April 11th, 2019. -Digital consulting firms WAM and LeadClic have reached an agreement to enter a merger and create Spain’s largest independent Digital Transformation and Customer Experience consulting group using Salesforce technology. In the short-term, the firm projects to close 2019 with shared billings of more than 8 million euros and 150 employees.
  • The new group will reach billings of more than 8 million euros in 2019 and 150 employees  
  • The new firm counts on the experience of more than 700 completed projects in over the last decade.  
  • LeadClic is the first independent Salesforce Platinum Partner in Spain.

The conglomerate's medium-term objective is to surpass 15 million euros in billings in the next three years and projects that in this period its staff will expand to at least 250 employees.

This operation between WAM and LeadClic’s investors is the first within the growth and international expansion strategy that will be carried out over the next few years. Thanks to this agreement, LeadClic will now operate from WAM’s global offices (Milan, Miami, etc.) as well as expanding their presence in Spain in Valencia and Barcelona.

With this union LeadClic, with its ten years of experience in the Salesforce universe, unites its path with WAM's strategic expertise in the Digital Marketing space that focuses on creating scalable projects that have an impact on the growth of their clients' business.

Both brands will continue to operate independently with their current clients while enriching themselves with the new synergies resulting from this integration. This union makes it possible for them to offer new solutions to the market to reach new clients and improve the service that they already provided.

“LeadClic is a referential firm in the industry comprised of wonderful professionals with extraordinary expertise and track-record. We're very proud they are joining our family. Together we'll multiply results for our customers and opportunities for our teams," highlights WAM CEO, Giorgio Ascolese.  

For their part, LeadClic co-CEOs Juan José Sogues and Manuel García Gonzalo, co-CEOS de LeadClic, affirm that “LeadClic will be able to benefit from the international network that WAM already enjoyed to jointly offer our services worldwide to the clients we already work with in Spain, who are mostly large firms listed on the Ibex 35 and the Spanish stock market.”

As a result of this merger, the new entity assumes an indisputable role in the market to offer end-to-end Customer Experience and Digital Transformation solutions. This positioning at the confluence of leading consulting firms and media agencies demonstrates the company’s clearly-defined vision to turn into an independent industry leader in Spain.

About WAM

WAM is a strategic digital marketing consulting partner focused on creating scalable projects that have an impact on their clients’ business growth. Its vast industry experience makes them focus on achieving results based on joint KPIs for all stages of a project, showing business performance beyond earnings and sales.

Using the most advanced technological solutions and specializing in implementing market-leading tools, they seek to produce a more significant impact on their clients' balance sheet.

By occupying a space at the confluence of a marketing agency and the business model of the leading consulting firms, WAM marries the benefits of both business models.

WAM's international network allows it to guide brands seeking to expand and develop with a tremendous ability to manage and execute from its 360° service perspective.  


About LeadClic

LEADCLIC is a technology consulting firm specialized in providing multi-cloud Salesforce solutions to take on the Digital Transformation.

The first Salesforce Platinum Partner and a pioneer in Marketing Cloud, Service Cloud, Field Service, Heroku, IoT, and Artificial Intelligence solutions,  LeadClic is the maker of the primary interconnections between the different clouds of the Salesforce ecosystem.

With more than ten years of experience offering solutions that facilitate data-driven decision-making, it directs itself mainly to companies passionate about getting to know their customers better and optimizing their processes as well as increasing their capabilities and profitability.

The LeadClic team, with more than 70 professionals and more than 100 certifications, combined with their founders' vision, are those that nurture our passion: going beyond what our clients ask us, forging relationships with our customers based on transparency and continuous improvement.

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