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Nov 15, 2021
Patricia Peñalver
Key Account Manager
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The Importance of Web Analytics to Measure Digital Marketing Results

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How can you measure a digital strategy? We need effective analysis tools that integrate various channels and don’t lose information. But these applications won’t be useful if we haven’t previously outlined global marketing objectives.

When it comes to designing a digital marketing plan, we have to first think about the big picture and choose concrete ideas and concepts. Short, medium, and long term business goals: strategies to meet these goals, the channels we’re going to use, and the investment of both time and money make up the base of a good marketing plan. 

To reach the goals we’ve proposed (increase in leads, sales, or client loyalty percentage), the best recipe is breaking down the plan into specific micro-goals that fall under the global marketing goals and can be reached with clear, concrete, and measurable actions. Scheduling is very important as well: every month or quarter you must plan your tasks, according to your goals and what you want to achieve from them. 

After this, we reach measurement and the need to use web analytics to measure the marketing results. Why is a reliable, complete, and quick analysis of campaign data so important? Mainly because the information gives us knowledge. The goal of digital analytics is to identify user trends and behaviors to be able to make decisions and reorient our plan, if necessary. The analysis also serves to study the workflows that we design, find weaknesses, and ask ourselves why until we find the solution. 

The continuous optimization of process and actions, adapted to the circumstances and demands of our audience, can help us reach our goals faster. And to enjoy the advantages of measuring the digital strategy of a company, we need technological tools that can help our needs. 

how to measure results of marketing plan


How to Measure Project Results: Digital Analytic Plan

We must first define Indicators to measure results. We can then configure our software analysis according to our interests and see if we are reaching the desired ROI. The easiest way is to create a dashboard linked to all the data sources from which we need information: social media, web, email, or phone. 

It’s important that the dashboards or command centers are also personalized according to the team member that accesses them; it must show just the most important metrics of their job. A Marketing Project Manager won’t have the same dashboard as an operations director. And omnichannality is another challenge to overcome: the user is always the same, although they use different channels and the integration of different analytics tools can follow the user experience without repetition and gives us much more complete information about their behavior.

These are some of the tools that give us good analytic results and help us make the right decisions. 


Data Studio

Data Studio is a Salesforce technology solution to find quality audiences and collect and store company data. It’s specifically focused on creating more and better audiences for marketing campaigns and offering an intuitive interface that’s compatible with other data sources. 

It’s all within Marketing Cloud, Salesforce’s cloud for marketing experts, where we can find other tools like Mobile Studio, Email Studio, Social Studio, and Advertising Studio. It’s a wide range of software for data management and visualization.



Tableau is a data visualization platform with 100% personalizable dashboards. Its advantage over other applications is its high level of personalization; it shows only the information you need through clean graphs that update in real time. In addition, Tableau has a high capacity for auto-management, once the user learns how it works. You can create reports and obtain answers by directly asking your questions to the program.

Tableau is also compatible with a wide range of data sources. Its advantage is being visual, with advanced analysis charts so you can understand the trends and results of your latest email marketing launch or lead register from the landing page. 


Power BI 

This tool aims to bridge the gap that separates data from decision-making. It’s a unified and scalable platform for business intelligence, with high protection and security.

You can use artificial intelligence to request data from the program and get an answer. Just like the rest of the items on this list, it offers you graphics to instantly see the information, with more than 120 free connectors to have the most global vision possible of your project.



Metabase is a Business Intelligence tool that can be integrated with many business management software systems. It provides an internal information analysis and stands out because of its consulting interface and easy-to-manage profiles requiring little technical knowledge, although there are other cheaper alternatives. 

This tool also allows you to create reports and graphics based on your interests to analyze regular problems and find the cause. It uses business intelligence to measure results, always using previously defined KPIs. 


To sum it up, digital analytics allows us to exhaustively and effectively follow the marketing department’s actions, push our goals (micro and macro), and make our business grow. And if you’re wondering how to measure the performance of your digital strategy, betting on an analytics tool is a smart investment. There’s no doubt about it, especially in today’s digital world. 

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