Jun 21, 2018
Natalia Bergareche
Head of Corporate Marketing
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[Infographics] GDPR: The Essential Checklist to Ensure Compliance

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Have you already adapted to ensure compliance with the new General Data Protection Regulation? Do you still have lingering questions? To make sure you avoid committing any GDPR violations in the future, we've come up with this handy checklist covering the seven critical points you need to monitor to make sure you remain compliant with the legislation.

According to data from Veritas Technologies, nearly half of the world's organizations and corporations with more than 1,000 employees (47%) recognized that they were not prepared to comply with the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) within the deadlines established in the implementation of this legislation. One year later, and with the new law already in force, there are still some doubts regarding its application.

The legislation stipulates that all companies handling data from users or other companies must update their procedures, as well as request consent to continue handling that information from those whose data is subject to the new legislation. The caveat is that many companies have not updated them in due time and found themselves forced to rush to implement the new measures at the last minute.

Besides the obligation to comply with the established methods of treating and using users’ information, the legislation also establishes a series of fines for companies whose measures are non-compliant. The fine’s amount varies depending on the severity of the infraction. They will range from 10 million euros (or a maximum of 2% of the previous financial year’s total annual revenue) to 20 million (or a maximum of 4% of the previous financial year’s total annual revenue).

In the case that you still find yourself unsure about some of the factors covered in the legislation, we’ve created a series of infographics including the checklist of the seven key points you need to take into consideration as you strive to be compliant and not commit any violations.


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