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Aug 19, 2021
Alba Mañanes Rodríguez
Technical Marketing Consultant
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Salesforce Inbox: Integrate Email Marketing and CRM

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Salesforce Inbox allows us to connect our daily work with email marketing and CRM. When using our email, relevant communication will be associated with the things that we consider to be opportunities, leads, and/or contacts.

Marketing and technology go hand in hand when solving the complex challenges that companies face today. Using a CRM from which we centralize all sales, marketing, customer service, and finance actions will optimize company resources and save both time and effort, while simultaneously creating new sales opportunities and connecting information that, with a different system, would be spread across various platforms.

Omnichannel management is one of the most important goals. With it, we can better track potential clients by registering all their email, social media, and web interactions and more in real time. We can also adapt our message to the specific moment. Salesforce tools like Tableau, with its data visualization system, help us better understand the information that we collect and then make justified and useful decisions.

Email is one of the main forms of communication at work. Your work email is necessary for achieving new sales and managing them, so why don’t we integrate this email marketing task in your CRM to be more effective? That’s what Salesforce Inbox does.

What Salesforce Inbox does: CRM and integration 

Salesforce Inbox offers the possibility of optimizing time, focusing on sales, and reducing the workload. All of this is completed using the relationship of all the information from the user’s email and the Salesforce CRM Sales Cloud and Service Cloud program. We facilitate tasks that could be repetitive such as updating data in the CRM, planning meetings, answering emails, etc., and we can improve our CRM and email marketing performance.

This is how we make sure that the sales team can operate easily from their inbox and focus on what really matters: connecting with the client, getting leads and opportunities, and selling more.

Salesforce Inbox is available for Gmail email servers (with Chrome extension) and Outlook, from Exchange to Office 365.

Main functions of Salesforce Inbox 

  • Activity register; CRM updated from email 

When an email is sent, Salesforce Inbox will ask us what item we want to leave linked and if we want the attachment included. On the other hand, if it’s just an email that we don’t want linked to Salesforce, we can leave it out. We can also link received emails to opportunities, accounts/companies, and contacts.
Salesforce Inbox

In addition, it’s possible to create new leads, contacts, and opportunities from Inbox, as well as registering Sales Cloud emails, all without leaving our Outlook or Gmail inbox.

log email to Salesforce from browser

  • Email template

With Salesforce Inbox, we can use Salesforce templates when writing emails. The email templates are presented in both text and HTML formats; all of this allows us to optimize answering emails and respond as soon as possible. It also allows us to have the answers to habitual questions ready, such as FAQs.

In addition, Salesforce Inbox allows us to send emails with the “send later” option, so that the client receives the email at the best possible time. We can delay the sending by a few hours or schedule it for a specific day or hour.

  • Easy meeting planning 

With Salesforce inbox, your email and calendar are closely synchronized and that allows you to schedule meetings easily. Add your availability to an email and provide various alternatives; they can accept it in just one click and it will automatically link to the calendar.

  • Smart notifications

Salesforce Inbox uses relational intelligence with which it analyzes correspondence with the goal of helping to track all agreements. You can also receive intelligent reminders if you need to track an email. For example, it allows you to create a reminder task in Salesforce if an email has not been answered in a week.

  • Read receipts

One of the most classic and useful functions of this function: receive a notification when the email has been opened by the recipient.

  • Mobile Application

Salesforce Inbox has its own app for both iOS and Android. With it, we can access the same functions as the desktop version from our smartphone.

Salesforce Inbox GooglePlay app

Salesforce Inbox iOS app

Salesforce: best CRM for Email Marketing

Working with Salesforce Inbox allows us to facilitate the daily work from our inbox by sharing conversations, email marketing actions, and attachments that we have with potential clients with our team. It also offers us tools that make our daily work easier, such as read receipts, automatic task creation in the case of the client not answering, or the use of previously configured templates. 

We can’t forget the most important functions of Salesforce Inbox:

  • Email register and link to Salesforce’s register

  • Creation of new leads, contacts, opportunities, and tasks from our inbox to Salesforce

  • Calendar access to directly see and add meetings and events 

  • Management of existing daily tasks in Salesforce

  • Synchronization of Salesforce contacts

  • File sending from Salesforce, Google Drive, or Dropbox without leaving your inbox


It’s an excellent tool to increase the effectiveness of our marketing and sales team. And we can’t forget the fundamental role of Salesforce CRM in email marketing to support all these actions in a safe and effective way.

If your company doesn’t boast a technological solution to face the challenges of digital transformation, count on us. We Are Marketing and Leadclic make up the group WAM Global and we offer a complete consultancy service, which handles everything from business strategy design to the implementation of optimized technology tools to reach your goals. Elevate the results of your company with the strong union of marketing and technology.

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