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Apr 04, 2019
Manuel Estellés
Director of Creative Services
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Why Video Marketing Will Be Key to Your Digital Strategies in the (Near) Future

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What role should multimedia content play in your digital marketing strategy? If the answer is little or none, you need to know why video will be crucial to the future of marketing. Here are all the details about why.

Video marketing has turned into a powerful tool for connecting with potential and existing customers. But besides that, as we'll see, it turns out that it's one of the formats that generate the most ROI (return on investment). That's why 81% of marketing departments introduced this content format into their advertising strategies in 2018.

In the past few years, video has caused a revolution, making many experts claim that it’s "the future of content marketing." The data also corroborates this statement. Wyzowl’s The State of Video Marketing 2019 report reveals that:

  • 87% of businesses will use video as a marketing tool in 2019.
  • 83% of marketing teams recognize that video brings them good ROI.
  • 79% of users acknowledge they have decided to acquire software or an app after watching a video.
  • 81% of marketing teams admit that videos help them generate leads.
  • 87% of surveyed users affirmed that they’d like to see more videos from brands this year.  

video marketing statistics

Therefore, if 2018 was the year video…in 2019 it promises to take off! If you haven't started to make video assets, here are all the reasons why you should begin to do so as soon as possible:

Video marketing generates good ROI

Is it worth producing video content? The data points to the answer being yes. According to a study from the Aberdeen Group:

  • Video strategies generate 66% more qualified leads annually.  
  • Not only that, brand awareness increases by 54%.

On the other hand, the Wyzowl study we previously mentioned, goes more in-depth into this area:

  • 83% of marketing teams acknowledge that video brings them good ROI and 82% of them believe that it’s the key to their strategy.  
  • Among those that still don’t use video, 73% of them have purchased a product after watching a video asset.  
  • 97% of corporations that use explainer videos say that they help users better understand their business.
  • 94% of companies see video as a useful tool.
  • Among those surveyed, 81% have seen an increase in sales and 53% said that customer service calls went down.

These figures show that investing in video content can generate tremendous value to the firm and also contribute to reaching critical business objectives.

A video marketing strategy drives conversions and sales

Videos have the power to convert users into loyal customers. Research from Vidyard shows that 70% of companies affirmed that videos work better than any other content format for landing conversions and sales. Embedding a video about your product or service in a landing page improves the conversion rate by 80%. They have also confirmed that 74% of users that saw explainer videos about a product or service ended up making a purchase.  

From a business perspective, creating these types of assets is an exciting proposition as they can help you increase conversions or sales. Remember that the meaning of the view is the most predominant since the brain tends to work using images. If a photograph already has an impact on the user, video can multiply this effect.

Video content builds trust

Trust is the basis for a business's growth and makes its earnings grow. That's why cultivating trust should be one of a company's essential objectives. Therefore, a part of your digital marketing strategy should focus on building trust and long-term relationships with potential customers.

Video marketing is one of the best ways to connect with the audience and generate an emotional reaction in them. This is why hundreds of YouTube channels manage to land thousands of loyal followers and reach millions of views. In the same way, brands have the chance to create a bond with their users through small assets that produce a story. The image, movement, sound, music, and more can end up making a significant impact.

According to figures, 57% of users recognize that videos generate more trust for them to buy online.

video marketing strategy

Video and smartphones go hand-in-hand

Today, no one doubts the place mobile devices have in any digital marketing strategy as they’re the star device through which users communicate, connect with others, and consume content. The same happens when it comes to video; according to the Wyzowl study, 90% of users watch videos on their mobile devices. This exemplifies that videos and smartphones go hand-in-hand.

YouTube, the video platform par excellence, joins in on this trend, stating that the consumption of video content on mobile increases by 100% every year. For its part, Google alerts that those who watch videos on smartphones are 1.4 times more likely to view and share the content compared to those who watch it on computers or smart TVs.  

Therefore, the growth of people watching videos on mobile devices forces firms to be more sensitive towards the experience users have on their devices.

Videos boost your SEO positioning

Google loves videos. If you include attractive, informative videos on your website, you can move up places on the search engine. According to statistics, you have a 53% chance of showing up firm in Google search results if you add a video to your website.

If SEO keywords are essential, videos are also critical. If they are applied smartly, that can make an intelligence influence on your strategy. Start by introducing videos on your website and updating your YouTube channel.

Are you already convinced of the role video marketing will have in your marketing strategy now and in the future? Pay attention to these figures (these are the last ones, I promise!):  

  • 71% of users watch more videos than a year ago (HubSpot).
  • 83% of marketing professionals have it clear that video’s weight in their strategy would increase if there weren’t certain obstacles like time, resources, or budget (Buffer).

Final thoughts…

Creating video content for your brand requires creativity, innovation, and specific resources. But when you put them all together, you get a piece that has great potential to multiply your results. Therefore, bring all the ingredients to build a solid video marketing strategy and put it into practice.

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