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Oct 31, 2018
José Antonio Diaz
SEM Specialist
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What is Facebook Attribution and How it Can Help You Better Measure Your Sales

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Facebook has launched a new tool that lets us get familiar with a user’s touchpoints, optimize campaigns, and increase ROI. We’re going to introduce you to Facebook Attribution and break down its key components.

When it’s time to launch a marketing campaign, it’s critical to be able to know the user’s entire journey up until they arrive at the call-to-action and click on it. Despite its essential role, the information currently given is incomplete; as Facebook noted, “traditional measurement tools ignore 45% of touchpoints.” That’s why Mark Zuckerberg’s firm wanted to go a step further to create Facebook Attribution, a system designed to paint a deeper picture of a user’s path to conversion and will let users get more information to make better decisions and boost their performance.


Facebook Attribution is one of the latest tools that Facebook has launched to help out advertisers. This tool lets them obtain more comprehensive information about their users and use them to develop more effective campaigns. It launched at the end of October, and although we have yet to experiment with it deeply, we didn't want to miss out on the chance to tell you about its components.


It's important to understand that traditional attribution tools are based on cookies and can detect when and how a user made its last click. However, it is sometimes not possible for these conventional attribution tools to derive a complete panorama of what other campaign elements have driven a user to that final action.

What is Facebook Attribution and what's its purpose?

Facebook Attribution strives to offer more transparency and tracking over the user’s journey towards conversion with each of the actions that make up your marketing campaign.

Facebook attribution

Along with this functionality, you’ll have a new control panel with more in-depth information about how every action in your ad campaigns works with sales data and comparable measurements.


The reports offer conversion visualizations across devices, purchases broken down by whether they came from paid media, organic traffic, or direct sources; and it allows offers a breakdown of conversion metrics and visits.


Facebook Attribution's integration with other platforms is another exciting aspect of this tool. This integration lets you elaborate conversion reports across different paid media channels and examine data from Facebook, Google, or RTB on the same dashboard. What’s the advantage to this approach? You’ll be able to analyze campaign performance and investment together and compare the costs and conversions you get from your different actions.

measuring facebook roi

Can I already use it?

Facebook Attribution is now available in Business Manager by going to the “Performance” dashboard. You’ll need to go to the Facebook Attribution page to set it up the tool with your Facebook page(s) to connect all your ads, apps, pixels, and so on for the tool to start gathering the data and derive conclusions.


While we have already mentioned that Facebook just launched this tool and we’re starting to test it out, we believe that this attribution system promises to improve the way we optimize campaigns to boost our performance and increase our campaign ROI. We hope to tell you about new updates from Facebook Attribution soon!



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