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Authenticity as a trending topic in tourism marketing

When we refer to authenticity, we’re talking about a brand, service, or territory’s physical and intangible characteristics that make it stand out from the rest. Successfully standing out in today’s saturated marketed is an increasingly complicated task. Despite that, entities engaging in marketing for the tourism industry need to find this differentiated value. 69% of millennials want to live one-of-a-kind experiences that let them truly get in touch with the culture of the places they visit.

Identity has turned into a differentiator that lets a destination be relevant for a traveler. One of the short-term challenges for a marketing plan in a tourism company is to achieve this authenticity and maintain it over time. 

The customer is (finally) in the center of everything

The importance of making everything customer-centric has been the catalyst for change. It has redrawn tourism marketing and corporate boundaries, allowing for beautiful chaos that has turned into a metamorphosis of the overall system. The marketing teams of the past used to focus too much of their efforts on analyzing demographic segments that are increasingly smaller and are extensions of increasingly inferior products. They now focus their efforts on finding out the best way of guiding a consumer towards their product and personalizing the messaging and actions to connect with them on a deeper level. 

Focus on the consumer and personalizing strategies.

Contextual personalization

The key to personalization is defining our buyer persona, putting that buyer persona in the center of our research, and trying to forge an emotional connection with them in their environment and their circumstances. We need perspectives in the face of the rapid changes stemming from the impact of globalization and digital culture. That's why personalization has to be dynamic and appropriately adapted at every single moment. 

CRM systems as a tool

It's critical we gather data about a customer and get to know them on a deeper level in order to put them in the center and personalize our messaging. CRM systems turn into a critical tool that, when paired with Artificial Intelligence, will let us derive valuable information about our customers. 91% of North American firms with 10 or more employees already use a CRM, but the advances in many disciplines are pointing towards an exciting path that will give us the power to move ahead and go more into depth about our customers' needs. 

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